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Staff List

The Road Commission has a road crew comprised of 34 union employees who work year round to maintain our county road system.  We also have an administrative staff of 11 whose goal is to provide service and assistance to the residents of our county.

Following is a listing of administrative staff members with contact information:


Joseph D. Pulver, P.E., Managing Director
Email:  pulverj@ccrc-roads.com
Jill Rey, Director of Finance/Clerk of the Board
Ext. 237 - Email:  reyj@ccrc-roads.com
Daniel Armentrout, P.E. Director of Engineering
Ext. 238 - Email:  armentroutd@ccrc-roads.com
Brian Betz, Superintendent of Operations, State Trunkline Supervisor
Ext. 232 - Email:  betzb@ccrc-roads.com
Jeff Brown, Equipment Supervisor
Ext 234 - Email:  brownj@ccrc-roads.com
Tim Swain, East District Supervisor
(Greenbush, Duplain, Bingham, Ovid, Olive, Victor, DeWitt, Bath)
Ext. 230 - Email: swaint@ccrc-roads.com

Bruce Wirth, West District Supervisor
(Bengal, Dallas, Eagle, Essex, Lebanon, Riley, Watertown, Westphalia)
Ext. 231 - Email:  wirthb@ccrc-roads.com
Jake Perkins, Engineer Technician/Mailboxes
Ext. 240 - Email:  perkinsj@ccrc-roads.com
Alison Simpson, Accounts Payable/Inventory Control Clerk
Ext. 222 - Email:  simpsona@ccrc-roads.com
Janette Purves, Payroll/HR Clerk
Ext. 221 - Email:  purvesj@ccrc-roads.com