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Land Division Access





The road commission will review potential land division splits for possible driveway locations. This review will only give the property owner indication of whether driveways can be located in areas designated on the plans for property splits.

A driveway, including the radii and entire culvert, shall be located within the area between the boundaries of the potential land division splits.

A driveway shall not be located within 100 feet of a county road intersection.

Information needed when applying for a land division access permit:

  1. Driveway location restrictions

  2. Name of road adjacent to driveway

  3. Distance from nearest intersection (in feet)

  4. Distance from property line, in each direction, from the center of the proposed driveway

  5. Contact person and daytime phone number

The request for land division must include the

Land Division Access Request Form, a copy of the survey and/or detailed drawing of the proposed land split, and the permit fee (the check is to be made out to the Clinton County Road Commission). The applicant will be required to mark the requested locations for the drives on each land split by placing two stakes or flags 30 feet apart designating the start and end of the drive location (be sure that all brush and tall grass is cleared away from the stakes).

The road commission inspector will review the site within 2-3 working days after receipt of the Land Division Request Form and applicable fees and will submit a written response to the applicant regarding the advisability of drive locations where desired.