Current Bids

We will be accepting bids for the following items via for the 2022 Construction Season:

CST Slag & CST Trap Rock

Mining, Processing & Stockpiling 23A Mod at Bidder’s Pit

22A & 23AMOD Supplied, Loaded & Delivered

21AA, 22A, 23A Mod, 29A Mod Natural, Class II Sand, 1-3″ Crushed Concrete, Large Crushed Concrete

Dust Palliatives: 38% and Mineral Well Brine

Pavement Marking-New Construction and Retrace

RFP for As Needed Traffic Signal Operations & Maintenance Support

All bids will be due on December 2, 2021 at 10:00 am electronically through Bid Express. Please visit to view and download bid documents.  No emailed or faxed bids will be accepted.