Current Bids

We will be taking bids for the following materials and services on February 10, 2023 at 10:00 AM via: All bid documents and information can be obtained from Bid Express.

Street Sweeping for County System
Street Sweeping for State Trunkline
Overband Crackfill Treatment Program
HMA Base Crushing & Shaping
Pavement Marking
Site Work
Bituminous Mixture 13A – Paving
Bituminous Mixture – Skip Patch
Bituminous Cold Patch Material
Bituminous Hot Patch Material
Erosion Control – Geotextile Material
Aluminum Blanks & Complete Signs
Steel Sign Posts
Plastic Pipe
Dust Palliatives – 38% Calcium Chloride
Bituminous Products
Corrugated Metal Structures

Any questions please contact Alison via email at: