Drive Permit

A driveway shall be so located that it will cause no undue interference with the free movement of the traveling public and provide the most favorable vision and grade conditions possible for motorists using the roadway.  The driveway shall be consistent with the development of the site considering proper traffic operations and safety.  MAKE SURE THE LOCATION SELECTED WILL PROVIDE THE BEST AVAILABLE SIGHT DISTANCE.

A driveway, including the radii and entire culvert, shall be located within the area between the applicant’s property lines.  A driveway radii and/or culvert may extend outside of the property line area only if the adjacent property owner certifies in writing that they will permit such an extension.

A driveway shall not be located within 100 feet of a county road intersection.

Information needed when applying for a driveway permit:

  1. Proposed use of drive (commercial, farm, residential, etc.)
  2. Name of road adjacent to driveway
  3. Distance from nearest intersection (in feet or miles)
  4. Distance from property line, in each direction, from the center of the proposed driveway
  5. Contact person, email and daytime phone number

After applying for the Application and Permit within OXCART, you will be required to mark the location by placing a stake marked with your last name or a brightly colored landmark directly beside the proposed drive, near the roadway—be sure that all brush and tall grass are cleared away from the stake and that the name faces the roadway.  The Road Commission will inspect the site within 5 working days.

The Road Commission recommends that the majority of heavy trucking be completed before installing the drive culvert.  This can usually be done by filling in the existing ditch or installing a temporary culvert.